Camping: The Better Way To Travel

campervan-travel-festivalsIf you travel a lot like I do this can sometimes really cause big headaches.

Most of the time this happens if I want to visit festival locations where I normally only stay a day or two.

The problem is that I always have to know about events plenty of time ahead to be able to book rooms at a decent rate.

Most of the time however, even booking in advance doesn’t help. BecauseĀ  many hotels and B&Bs at most of the major festival locations are charging premium if you book for the specific festival time.

To make things worse, getting to festival grounds from your hotel or B&B is not always easy either especially if it turns out that the festival is 10km from the place you booked which means you would need to rent a car or use a cab to get around.

The better way to visit festivals is without a question if you get yourself a nice camping van. It doesn’t have to be ultra-luxurious for most short-term stays. What’s so great about having a van is that you can go any place whenever you want and of course you’ll save a huge chunk of cash too, all at the same time.

Now, the good thing is that you don’t need to buy a van; you can just rent one! What I do, comes festival season I just rent from my favorite VW camper hire place for a month or two and can then go to wherever I want without worrying a thing like if I were to have booking hotel rooms So if you’re like me and want to get around without all those limitations you should definitely look into a camper van because it will be so much better!

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