How Your Business Can Benefit from E-Invoicing

In recent times, electronic invoicing or short E-Invoicing has become increasingly more popular. Seeing the various benefits that electronic invoicing can provide businesses this shouldn’t really be too surprising.

On the other hand, there are still a number of business owners who have never heard of electronic invoicing.

Should this be the case for you, I recommend that you read on.

Simply spoken, E-Invoicing will enable you to make your entire invoicing process a lot easier and faster. You will be able to send and receive invoices over the Internet, without any paperwork, mailing delays or cost for stamps.

electronic invoiceSome compare electronic invoicing to email.

In the same way as is the case with electronic mail, you can create, send and receive your invoices online.

E-Invoice is suitable for any type of business, no matter the size or the number of employees. However, professions which rely on mobility can in particular take advantage of electronic invoicing since electronic invoicing grants also more mobility. All you need is a smart phone with Internet access to do your entire invoicing, no matter where you are.

How does electronic invoicing work?

The main difference compared to old-fashioned invoicing is that you will send your invoices to an electronic invoice service provider rather than printing them out and mailing them. The service provider will then convert your invoice and send it off to your recipient. The entire process is easy and streamlined, it doesn’t require any major change in your old process.

Most of today’s electronic invoice service providers only charge minimal fees. This means that there are very little costs if you want to make the switch to e-invoice. Your time and cost savings from using electronic invoices will also outweigh any fees by order of magnitude.

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A Simple Tip for More Fun and Excitement at the Races

If you are at a horse racing as much as I am, I’m quite sure you would like to know about one simple way to make your  visit at the track even more exciting.

horse-racing-3Are you one of those horse racing enthusiasts who is always keeping it safe and simple by betting at favourites?

Think about it! If you are getting a little tired of measly payouts at the races, why not play it a little bit more risky for more excitement and fun and a chance for winning a good amount of money?

Ditch betting on favourites, because if you ask me it’s simply not worth it. Besides, it’s really not exactly the most exciting way to bet that at the races.

The next time you are at the track, why not pick one of the outsiders and try your luck that way?

Do you know how the professionals in horse racing go about this?

Most of those guys spent their life time learning everything about horse racing, up to and including the performance of every horse and jockey. They know very well the average odds for a horse depending on all types of factors.

It’s this knowledge that the pros have that enables them to bet on outsiders with better odds than the average horse racing enthusiast. In other words, they know how to bet for potential high winnings with minimal risk.

For the best horse racing tips in United Kingdom I can recommend that you see The Horse Racing Pro. There, you can also get free tips and strategies for your next time at the track!

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Camping: The Better Way To Travel

campervan-travel-festivalsIf you travel a lot like I do this can sometimes really cause big headaches.

Most of the time this happens if I want to visit festival locations where I normally only stay a day or two.

The problem is that I always have to know about events plenty of time ahead to be able to book rooms at a decent rate.

Most of the time however, even booking in advance doesn’t help. Because  many hotels and B&Bs at most of the major festival locations are charging premium if you book for the specific festival time.

To make things worse, getting to festival grounds from your hotel or B&B is not always easy either especially if it turns out that the festival is 10km from the place you booked which means you would need to rent a car or use a cab to get around.

The better way to visit festivals is without a question if you get yourself a nice camping van. It doesn’t have to be ultra-luxurious for most short-term stays. What’s so great about having a van is that you can go any place whenever you want and of course you’ll save a huge chunk of cash too, all at the same time.

Now, the good thing is that you don’t need to buy a van; you can just rent one! What I do, comes festival season I just rent from my favorite VW camper hire place for a month or two and can then go to wherever I want without worrying a thing like if I were to have booking hotel rooms So if you’re like me and want to get around without all those limitations you should definitely look into a camper van because it will be so much better!

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Your Children Love Music But Does Their School?

A good school’s purpose  should not only be that your children will learn maths, chemistry, history and other such essentials.

In my opinion, waking your children’s interest in fields such as music and the arts should be equally important.

This is because those areas can well play a big role in your children’s life later on. I always think that it is saddening how our children’s potentials, interests and passions are often ignored in most of our schools.

When I look at my friends and neighbours, I can see that  music plays a big role in a good number of families. Some of their children enjoy playing an instrument while some like singing or dancing. It should not happen that your children have such a passion and their school doesn’t support it.

This is why I always recommend that you never make your decision about your children’s school in a hurry. From my experience, schools can differ greatly when we’re looking at those things such as sports, music or arts. Be aware that your children will likely spend many years with a particular school. This is not something where you should make compromises when you want the best education for them. In some cases, a private school, even if it costs as compared to a public school could be a much better option.

Are you living in the Hertfordshire area and would like to know about a recommended school children? See private school in Hertfordshire if you want to learn more what great education options are available  through children today.

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Do You Want Some (Free!) Glastonbury Festival Tickets?

If you’re still looking for some Glastonbury festival tickets, I have a tip for you! How about some free tickets?

The Guardian has a sweepstakes going on where they give away a bunch of free tickets for UK residents!

All you need to do for entering the contest is signing up at the Guardian for a free account. Check out the website at

The contest is still going till next Sunday, 26 April. They will select ten random winners for the tickets. So check it out!

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The Royal Albert Christmas Festival 2014

carols-candlelight-2014-lIf you hurry you can still get tickets for this years’s Christmal Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.

The festival starts this Monday, December 22 and will go ’til Wednesday.

On their site I linked you can find the complete program with all the events going on on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

So if you’re still looking to get into the Christmas spirit, get your Christmas Festival tickets now and enjoy wonderful Christmas carols and lots of more Christmas joy and dance!

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The Secret Singers: The Best For Wedding Entertainment

If you don’t know them yet, great surprise music and flash mob performances, this is what the singing waiters are known for. The entertainers from London UK can be booked for wedding receptions, parties and corporate events.

What makes the singing waiters special and sets them apart from other wedding musicians and surprise entertainers is that they are professionally trained with many of them having attended renowned British music schools and theatres.

This makes the singing waiters a great choice for light entertainment but also for events where you’d like high quality classical musical entertainment.

If you plan an impressive corporate event, a wedding reception or simply a big crazy party, book the singing waiters for the best in musical event entertainment you can get today!


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Bob Geldof and Midge Ure Announced Stars For Band Aid 30 Ebola Relief

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure revealed that some of today’s biggest singers and musicians will be part of Band Aid 30 which aims to help raise money to fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa.

The two intend to give the song Do They Know It’s Christmas a new makeover for 2014, three decades after the first band aid project successfully raised millions for charity.

The new project, Band Aid 30, will have some of the biggest stars of today. Proceeds from the sale of the new version will go to help combat the spread of the Ebola virus.

The stars revealed that the song’s lyrics have been changed slightly as to accommodate the new charity for the fight against the disease.

As was the case with the previous Band Aid charity, the UK government will likely waive VAT for the sales of the single.


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